• We Will Light Up Your Life

    Whether it be your commercial, industrial, or residential space, we'll help you shine some light on what needs to get done.

  • Waves of Power

    Like the waves that crash on Ventura's beaches every day Advanced Electric will roll in for a powerful ride and roll out so you can get back to life.

  • We Love Ventura

    Advanced Electric is proud to serve Ventura and its surrounding communities. It can't get much better than living along the beautiful Central Coast.

  • Commercial

    Commercial electrical work requires vast experience and the ability to adapt.  The old adage ‘no two building are alike’ hold infinitely true as ...

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  • Industrial

    Your big time industrial electrical project requires a big time industrial electric contractor.  Just calling yourself an electrician won’t do here...

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  • Residential

    Your home is your sanctuary, a respite from the crazy world around you.  Our residential electrical services are focused on delivering just that, ...

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